Alors on Shag!

Create a stunning visual identity for a swing dance event.

Apollo Swing is a dance school based in Bruxelles organizing classes, events, and workshops for swing dances. The Collegiate Shag (or "Shag") is a partner dance done primarily to uptempo swing and pre-swing jazz music (185-250+ beats per minute). It belongs to the swing family of American vernacular dances that arose in the 1920s and 30s. In Brussels it is the first ever organized event for this particular dance. Apollo Swing is the first dancing school proposing a workshop of Collegiate Shag inviting famous international teachers. So the name and the visual identity had to both remind Brussels and the school identity while presenting clearly and efficiently the information relative to the workshop. First the name, we decided with the school and its teachers to name the event : « ALORS ON SHAG! » taking up the song title « alors on danse » of one of the most international singers coming from Brussels, Stromae. Then the banner had to contain these elements: the name of the event the information relative to the event the logo of the school In order to convey dynamism, I chose to use a diagonal composition and slightly titled texts written in white in Trade Gothic Condensed n.20. The main image shows the two international teachers coming from Barcelona dancing. Overall I matched the color according to the school logo.
Apollo Swing
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